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Fig. 3

From: Characterization of hemolymph phenoloxidase activity in two Biomphalaria snail species and impact of Schistosoma mansoni infection

Fig. 3

Location of the laccase activity inside the hemolymph of B. glabrata (n = 15) and B. alexandrina (n = 15). PO activity was measured in (i) the hemolymph, (ii) the acellular compartment (i.e. plasma) and (iii) the cellular compartment (i.e. hemocytes) of both snail species, with and without trypsin as protease activator. Diethylthiocarbamate (DETC) was used as inhibition control. Activity was measured as the amount of dopachrome formed from the oxidation of PPD substrate (10 mM), 4 h after the substrate addition. No difference in laccase activity was found between hemolymph and plasma for both species, and minimal activity was detected in the hemocytes

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