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Table 1 Summary of the general characteristics of PO enzymes determined from hemolymph of several mollusks

From: Characterization of hemolymph phenoloxidase activity in two Biomphalaria snail species and impact of Schistosoma mansoni infection

Class Species Substrate used for PO assays PO optimum temperature (°C) PO optimum pH Michaelis constant (K m ) of PO enzyme identified (mM)a V max of PO enzyme identified (OD.min-1)a References
Gastropods Biomphalaria glabrata PPD 45 6.5-8.5 Max:8.5 1.45 0.024 Present study
Biomphalaria alexandrina PPD 45 6.5-8.5 Max:8.5 1.19 0.025 Present study
Halitotis tuberculata PPD ND 8.2 13.5 0.029 Le Bris et al., 2014 49]
Bivalves Saccostrea glomerata L-DOPA 37 8 NA NA Aladaileh et al., 2007 [64]
Crassostrae virginica L-DOPA ND 6-7.5 NA NA Jordan and Deaton, 2005 [44]
Crassostera gigas PPD ND ND 45 0.00059 Luna-acosta et al., 2011 [58]
Ruditapes philippinarum L-DOPA 40 7 NA NA Cong et al., 2005 [53
Venerepis philippinarum PPD 40 8.4 14.46 0.23 Le Bris et al., 2013 [48]
Chlamys farreri L-DOPA 45 6 NA NA Sun and Li, 1999 [65]
  1. ND Not determined
  2. NA Not applicable
  3. aMichaelis constant (K m ) and maximum velocity (V max ) of PO enzyme are strongly dependent to the substrate used. We mentioned K m and V max values when they are assessed using PPD substrate only, as in the present study