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Fig. 2

From: Virucidal activity of Haemaphysalis longicornis longicin P4 peptide against tick-borne encephalitis virus surrogate Langat virus

Fig. 2

Virucidal effect of longicin P1 and P4 against Langat virus. a Fluorescence images of BHK-21 cells infected with Langat virus (TP-21) treated with medium only, 1.25 μM of P1 and P4 for 2 h at 37 °C. Arrowheads point to positive fluorescence FFU. b Foci reduction and c yield reduction assays were used to determine extracellular virucidal effect of longicin peptides. The percentage of foci reduction (%) was obtained by comparing against medium-treated cells maintained in parallel. All experiments were conducted in triplicates and error bars indicate the range of values. NC refers to cells with no treatment and no infection. *p < 0.05, longicin P4 vs longicin P1 or medium

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