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Table 1 Tick species, genotypes and GenBank accession numbers of sequences obtained in this study

From: Bird ticks in Hungary reflect western, southern, eastern flyway connections and two genetic lineages of Ixodes frontalis and Haemaphysalis concinna

Tick species Accession number for part of the:
COI gene (corresponding genotypes) 16S rDNA gene (corresponding genotypes)
Ixodes frontalis KU170492-500 (A-Hu1 to A-Hu9) KU170518 (A-Hu16S)
KU170501-9 (B-Hu1 to B-Hu9) KU170519 (B-Hu16S)
Ixodes festai - KU170521-2 (Hu165, Hu166)
Ixodes lividus KU170510 KU170520
Hyalomma rufipes KU170491 KU170517
Haemaphysalis concinna KU170511-6 (Hu1 to Hu6) KU170523-5 (Hu167 to Hu169)