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Fig. 2

From: Genetic diversity and population genetics of the warble flies Hypoderma bovis and H. sinense in Qinghai Province, China

Fig. 2

The partitioned Bayesian phylogenetic tree and network of haplotypes for H. bovis and H. sinense based on COI haplotypes. (Left) Bayesian haplotypes phylogenetic tree of H. sinense and H. bovis based on COI gene sequences. Numbers on branches are Bayesian posterior probabilities. The black bars on the right indicate the corresponding clade HS and clade HB , and each clade (clade HS and clade HB) was presented with different colors. (Right) Median-joining network of haplotypes for H. sinense and H. bovis. The relative size of circles in the network is proportional to haplotype observed frequencies. The small black dots indicate hypothetical missing haplotypes. The haplotype colors correspond to H. sinense and H. bovis in phylogenetic tree on the left. All haplotypes designations are listed in Table 1

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