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Fig. 1

From: Establishment of transient and stable transfection systems for Babesia ovata

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of the plasmids used for transient transfection and evaluation of promoter activity. a Plasmid construct to evaluate the promoter activity and a Renilla luciferase-expressing plasmid for normalization. b Evaluation of the promoter activity of actin 5’NR driving luciferase expression, over a time course of 24–96 h post transfection. c Comparison of luciferase activity in lysates of B. ovata transfected with different constructs at 48 h post transfection. A promoter-less plasmid was used as a negative control. Values from 3 independent transfections are shown. Asterisks indicate statistical significance between promoter-less plasmid (No Promoter) and other promoter candidates by Dunnett’s multiple comparison test (p < 0.001). RLU: Relative luciferase units

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