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Fig. 1

From: Impact of reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the control of parasite loads and inflammation in Leishmania amazonensis infection

Fig. 1

Production of reactive oxygen species by macrophages stimulated with L. amazonensis. Thioglycollate-elicited macrophages were harvested from the peritoneal cavity of C57BL/6 mice 3 days after stimulation. Macrophages were placed in plates with luminol and L. amazonensis metacyclic promastigotes were added (10 parasites per macrophage). Registration of light emission was performed for 90 min immediately after addition of L. amazonensis. Production of reactive oxygen species was measured as relative light units generated by luminol oxidation. Basal readings were obtained by adding luminol to macrophages from the same mouse without addition of L. amazonensis. Data are representative of three independent experiments, n = 4 for each replicate

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