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Table 2 Number of dogs with increased rectal body temperature (RBT) and number of dogs tested positive for B. canis via blood smear, PCR and IFAT

From: Prevention of transmission of Babesia canis by Dermacentor reticulatus ticks to dogs after topical administration of fluralaner spot-on solution

Study group RBT Blood smear PCR IFAT
≥ 39.4 °C [POS] [POS] [POS]
Untreated control (n) 19/27 27/27 27/27 27/27
Treatment group a (n) 1b/8 0/8 0/8 0/8
  1. aTopical treatment with fluralaner spot-on solution
  2. bRBT above or equal 39.4 °C was measured but not confirmed to be related to an infection with  B. canis as PCR and IFAT were negative throughout the study