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Table 2 Virus isolation from Phlebotomus perniciosus in Fuenlabrada and Leganés collection sites

From: Phleboviruses detection in Phlebotomus perniciosus from a human leishmaniasis focus in South-West Madrid region, Spain

Virus isolated Collection site code Collection date Sex No. of sanflies No. of pools No. positive/total tested (MFIR) Isolate name and GenBank acc. no.
TOSV FUE-JIC Aug-2012 M 23 1 1/366 (0.27) Fue-Sp45
FUE-BOS Aug-2013 M 23 1 1/597 (0.18) Fue-Sp136
TOTAL       2/963 (0.21)  
ARBV FUE-BOS; LEG-POL Aug-2012 M 40 2 3/366 (0.82) Fue-Sp40
FUE-JIC Jul-2012 F 24 1   Fue-Sp42
Arrabida virus FUE-JIC Jul-2013 M 21 1 1/597 (0.18) Fue-Sp149
  1. MFIR minimun field infection rate/100 sand flies, TOSV Toscana virus, ARBV Arbia virus, FUE Fuenlabrada, LEG Leganés, M male, F female