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Table 5 Calibration of alpha-cypermethrin content and entomological outcomes in Phase II experimental hut trial (Malima et al. [10]) with alpha-cypermethrin content of nets in Phase III household randomised trial

From: Interceptor® long-lasting insecticidal net: phase III evaluation over three years of household use and calibration with Phase II experimental hut outcomes

  Interceptor LN Interceptor LN CTN
Number of washes in Phase II trial 0 20 20
% Mortality corrected for control* 92a 76b 44c
% Personal Protection* 79a 76a 6.4b
Mean concentration of alpha-cypermethrin (mg/m2) in Phase II trial 147 41 1.2
Mean concentration of alpha-cypermethrin (mg/m2) in Phase III trial 2041 422 1.32
  1. *Percentages followed by the same letter superscript do not differ at 0.05 level
  2. 1at baseline before distribution
  3. 2after 36 months