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Table 1 Locations of 18 fixed-streams and associated ecological characteristics

From: Distribution pattern of black fly (Diptera: Simuliidae) assemblages along an altitudinal gradient in Peninsular Malaysia

Stream/altitude Locality Altitude (m) Code GPS Canopy cover Riparian vegetation Streambed
E1 Tapah 159 TPS1 04°14.203'N, 101°18.354'E Partial Forest Rubble
E2 Tapah 224 TPS3 04°16.522'N, 101°18.996'E Complete Forest Rubble
E3 Tapah 235 TPS2 04°16.316'N, 101°19.022'E Open Forest Boulder
E4 Tapah 337 TPS4 04°18.420'N, 101°19.658'E Complete Forest Bedrock
E5 Lipis 388 RBS18 04°23.715'N, 101°36.443'E Open Brush Sand
E6 Lipis 423 RBS17 04°23.715'N, 101°36.443'E Partial Brush Bedrock
E7 Cameron Highland 711 CHS5 04°22.220'N, 101°21.512'E Partial Forest Bedrock
E8 Cameron Highland 737 CHS6 04°22.660'N, 101°21.902'E Complete Forest Small stone
E9 Cameron Highland 872 CHS7 04°23.165'N, 101°22.334'E Open Forest Boulder
E10 Cameron Highland 992 CHS9 04°24.274'N, 101°22.572'E Partial Forest Bedrock
E11 Cameron Highland 1000 CHS8 04°24.112'N, 101°22.356'E Complete Forest Sand
E12 Cameron Highland 1160 CHS10 04°26.723'N, 101°22.979'E Partial Forest Sand
E13 Simpang Pulai 1315 SPS12 04°34.956'N, 101°20.717'E Open Brush Bedrock
E14 Simpang Pulai 1345 SPS13 04°34.760'N, 101°20.507'E Complete Brush Sand
E15 Cameron Highland 1405 CHT11 04°28.738'N, 101°22.979'E Partial Forest Rubble
E16 Cameron Highland 1602 CHS14 04°31.258'N, 101°24.247'E Open Brush Boulder
E17 Cameron Highland 1750 CHS16 04°31.519'N, 101°23.365'E Partial Forest Boulder
E18 Cameron Highland 1813 CHS15 04°31.461'N, 101°23.338'E Complete Brush Small stone