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Table 2 Generalized Linear Mixed Model of Aedes albopictus egg catches by different types of ovitraps

From: Enhancement of Aedes albopictus collections by ovitrap and sticky adult trap

Variable Estimate Standard Error Z-value P-value
Intercept 4.681 0.459 10.19 < 0.0001
Ov-A2 -0.713 0.145 -4.93 < 0.0001
Ov-A3 -0.791 0.145 -5.45 < 0.0001
Ov-B -0.696 0.148 -4.69 < 0.0001
  1. For each model coefficient estimates, their standard errors, Wald Z-statistic and associated P-values are reported. Ov-A1: cylindrical ovitrap lined with either heavyweight seed germination paper (taken as reference level); Ov-A2: cylindrical ovitrap equipped with a floating white block of polystyrene; Ov-A3: cylindrical ovitrap equipped with a wooden paddle; Ov-B: conical ovitrap equipped with a wooden paddle. Number of observations 725; number of weeks = 22