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Table 2 Experimental hut treatment for the study on the effect of wall surface on the decay rate of carbamates - Phase II

From: Short persistence of bendiocarb sprayed on pervious walls and its implication for the indoor residual spray program in Ethiopia

Wall surface Hut no. Sprayed with:
Dung 1 Propoxur (2 g/ m2)
2 Bendiocarb (0.4 g/m2)
3 Local water only
Painted 4 Propoxur (2 g/ m2)
5 Bendiocarb (0.4 g/m2)
6 Local water only
Dry mud 7 Water then propoxur (2 g/ m2)
8 Water then bendiocarb (0.4 g/m2)
9 Local water only
Wetted mud 10 Propoxur (2 g/ m2)
11 Bendiocarb (0.4 g/m2)
12 Local water only