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Table 2 Status of adult R. sanguineus (s.l.) removed from dogs 48 h after treatment with DPP on Day 0 and after weekly re-infestation from Day 7 to Day 42

From: Efficacy and speed of kill of a topically applied formulation of dinotefuran-permethrin-pyriproxyfen against weekly tick infestations with Rhipicephalus sanguineus (sensu lato) on dogs

Category Conditiona Attachment status
1 Live Unattached
2 Live Attached, unengorgedb
3 Live Attached, engorgedc
4 Dead Unattached
5 Dead Attached, unengorged
6 Dead Attached, engorged
  1. aLive/Dead status determined by observation for movement after stimulus with a probe or gentle CO2 exposure
  2. bUnengorged = No filling of the alloscutum
  3. cEngorged = obvious or conspicuous filling of the alloscutum