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Table 1 Diagnosis and estimation of haemosporidian parasite true prevalence in three bird species

From: Haemosporidian parasite prevalence, parasitemia, and diversity in three resident bird species at a shrubland dominated landscape of the Mexican highland plateau

Species n Positives Prevalence (%) \( \overline{x} \) parasites/100 fields
Cactus wren 16 0 0 na 0
Canyon towhee 40 17 19 47.5 22.8 (3.6)
House finch 106 43 46 44.3 70.3 (12.3)
  1. Number of bird blood samples from the “Ixtlera” region of northern San Luis Potosi yielding positive parasitism by haemosporidians. Estimates were obtained through PCR and observations of 100 fields (100×) through microscopy (M). n = total number of samples analysed by species. Prevalence = % of all samples from species yielding positive parasitemia. Average number of parasites found in 100 fields (100×) is reported (standard errors are presented in parenthesis)