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Table 2 Summary statistics of the Berwaldia and MIC1 ITS marker

From: Genetic diversity of two Daphnia-infecting microsporidian parasites, based on sequence variation in the internal transcribed spacer region

Microsporidia Number of sequences Number of segregating sites π θ w D
Berwaldia 18,871 171 1.470 × 10-3 28.784 × 10-3 -2.426
MIC1 2630 75 3.764 × 10-3 12.291 × 10-3 -1.811
  1. Samples from different populations were pooled. Genetic diversity is calculated as the average heterozygosity per site (Tajima’s estimator, π) and the average number of nucleotide differences per site (Watterson’s estimator, θ w). Bold number indicates  a significant value in Tajima’s D neutrality test