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Fig. 2

From: First detection of Candidatus Rickettsia barbariae in the flea Vermipsylla alakurt from north-western China

Fig. 2

Maximum-likelihood (ML; 1000 bootstrap replicates) and neighbour-joining (NJ; 500 bootstrap replicates) phylogenetic tree of the 17-kDa-ompA-rrs-geneD-ompB constructed with MEGA6, using the sequences of Candidatus R. barbariae from Vermipsylla alakurt (ā—†) in this study and sequences from Rickettsia species retrieved from the GenBank database. The sequences for R. bellii were used as an outgroup. The scale bar represents the inferred substitutions per nucleotide site. The relative support for clades in the tree produced from the ML and NJ analyses are indicated above and below the branches, respectively

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