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Table 2 Canine Atopic Dermatitis Extent and Severity Index-4 (CADESI-4) scoring form

From: Evaluation of fluralaner and afoxolaner treatments to control flea populations, reduce pruritus and minimize dermatologic lesions in naturally infested dogs in private residences in west central Florida USA

  Erythema Lichenification Excoriations and/or Alopecia Total
Perilabial Area (left and right combined) 1     
Medial Pinnae
(concave pinnae)
Left 2     
Right 3     
Axillae Left 4     
Right 5     
Front Paws
(dorsal and palmar sides combined)
Left 6     
Right 7     
Hind Paws
(dorsal and palmar sides combined)
Left 8     
Right 9     
Cubital Flexor
(elbow folds)
Left 10     
Right 11     
Palmar Metacarpal
(from carpal to metacarpal pads)
Left 12     
Right 13     
Flanks Left 14     
Right 15     
Inguinal Areas
Left 16     
Right 17     
Abdomen 18     
(from vulva/scrotum to anus)
Ventral Tail
Grade each site and each lesion type:
None: 0; mild: 1; moderate: 2; severe: 3;
Total score (20x3x3=180)