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Table 3 Hair re-growth on dogs with sarcoptic mange after oral or topical treatment with fluralaner

From: Efficacy of fluralaner administered either orally or topically for the treatment of naturally acquired Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis infestation in dogs

Assessment time point Estimated percent hair re-growtha
Fluralaner chewable tablets (number of dogs/number of dogs per group) Fluralaner spot-on solution (number of dogs/number of dogs per group)
0–50 % 50–90 % >90 % 0–50 % 50–90 % >90 %
4 weeks post-treatment 6/9 1/9 2/9 4/8 4/8 0/8
  1. aPercentage hair re-growth defined as estimated percentage of hair cover growth at 4 weeks post-treatment compared to baseline total hairless area assessed prior to fluralaner administration