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Fig. 2

From: Updates on feline aelurostrongylosis and research priorities for the next decade

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic relationships among 32 species of nematodes of the order Rhabditida. This neighbor joining tree was constructed using the concatenated translated amino acid sequences of the 12 mitochondrial protein-encoding genes and a p-distance matrix. Bootstrap values greater than 85 % are given at the internal nodes. Taxa are color-coded based on their superfamily designation (see key for details) and are labelled with their species and GenBank accession number. The alignments were done using the MegAlign Pro module of the Lasergene software package (DNASTAR, Inc) and the phylogenetic tree was generated using MEGA. A decrease in branch support of this group in the combined analyses involving the mitochondrial genomes is probably related to intrinsic features of these genomes, which may hamper the establishment of homologies during the alignment of relatively large matrices

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