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Table 1 System variables in the SWB model

From: Refined stratified-worm-burden models that incorporate specific biological features of human and snail hosts provide better estimates of Schistosoma diagnosis, transmission, and control

System variable Symbols
SWB prevalence strata:  
k Δw ≤ w < (k + 1)Δw with worm burden increment Δw \( \begin{array}{c}\hfill \left\{{h}_k(t):k=0,1,\dots \right\}\hfill \\ {}\hfill {\displaystyle {\sum}_k{h}_k=1}\hfill \end{array} \)
Demographically structured SWB:  
 Child h C k (t)
 Adult h A k (t)
Population densities per unit habitat:  
 Human H (t)
 Snail (susceptible, infected, patent) N(t) = x(t) + y(t) + z(t)