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Table 5 BLASTp similarity scores for T. b. brucei uncharacterized proteins using Phylum Euglenozoa non-redundant NCBI database

From: A proteomics approach reveals molecular manipulators of distinct cellular processes in the salivary glands of Glossina m. morsitans in response to Trypanosoma b. brucei infections

UniProt ID Length (aa) Best BLASTp match (description of homologies) Functional characterization; signature domains/motifs
Homology hits (species name) % identity Accession No. E-value Bits score
C9ZMR8 150 Flagellar associated protein; (T. grayi) 76 XP_009315587.1 4.00e-81 242 p25-alpha domain-protein; promote tubulin polymerization
C9ZJQ8 1488 Pro-Glu/polymorphic GC-rich repeat (PE-PGRS) protein; (T. grayi) 36 XP_009311393.1 1.00e-27 121 Antigenic variations
C9ZWF1 607 Calpain-like cysteine peptidase; (T. grayi) 66 XP_009312440.1 0.0 778 A ribonuclease inhibitor-like protein involved in cell cycle progression in parasites
Q57XH8 459 T. brucei (s.l.)-specific protein; (T. b. gambiense) 41 XP_011775378.1 5.00e-91 290
C9ZL20 483 Succinate dehydrogenase flavoprotein subunit; (T. grayi) 57 XP_009307889.1 0.0 528 Mediates protein-protein interactions/assembly of multi-protein complexes
C9ZU33 97 Acyl-CoA-binding protein-like protein 3; (T. grayi) 69 XP_009316294.1 1.00e-43 142 Supply of myristoyl-CoA to the fatty acid remodelling machinery of GPI biosynthesis in trypanosomes; antigenic variations
Q380Y7 1004 Auxin-induced in root cultures 9 (AIR9)-like protein; (T. b. brucei) 98 CBY84490.1 0.0 2028 Expressed in all life-cycle stages; essential for normal T. brucei proliferation in vitro
D0A668 462 Osmotic avoidance abnormal protein 3 (OSM3)-like kinesin; (T. grayi) 46 XP_009307651.1 2.00e-69 234 Intraflagellar (chemosensation) transport
  1. Functional characterization of the proteins is detailed in the last column. All the proteins listed in this table are uncharacterized