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Table 1 Comparison of Acanthamoeba spp. isolates obtained from six Acanthamoeba meningitis/ meningoencephalitis patients with reference strains available in the GenBank database

From: Isolation and genotyping of Acanthamoeba spp. from Acanthamoeba meningitis/ meningoencephalitis (AME) patients in India

Isolates Accession number Genotype Name of strain with highest homology Accession number Region of origin
RCSF1 KT004416 T4 AcaL7 KJ094680 Italy
RCSF2 KT004417 T4 Ac_E4c GU808286 Thailand
RCSF3 KT004418 T4 LC-2012 KC164227 Switzerland
RCSF4 KT004419 T4 AG-2012 JQ678632 Spain
RCSF5 KT004420 T4 LC-2012 KC164227 Switzerland
RCSF6 KT004421 T4 Ac_E4c GU808286 Thailand