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Table 4 Model selection for assessing mosquito feeding preferences (MFp) in the two types of bird species (Bird type: raptors vs other species) with medium (body weight between 100 to 250 g) and large (body weight over 500 g) size (Bs)

From: Evaluating the feeding preferences of West Nile virus mosquito vectors using bird-baited traps

Biological models K AICc ∆i wi Pseudo R2
Marginal Conditional
Bird type * Bird size 7 −69.07 0 0.96 25.6 25.6
Bird size 5 −60.83 9.28 0.01 4.2 4.2
Bird type 5 −59.17 10.94 <0.01 6.9 6.9
Mo 4 −58.96 11.53 <0.01 0 0
  1. K = number of parameters, AICc = Akaike Information Criterion corrected for small sample sizes, ∆i = difference of AICc with respect to the best model, wi = Akaike weight, Pseudo-R2 = percentage of observed variability in the response variable explained only by the fixed terms (Marginal) or by both fixed and random terms (Conditional). In bold, models with substantial support for being the best model. In the null model (Mo), all of the terms are excluded except the intercept