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Table 4 Relative transcription levels of the foreign gene in cassette 2 (vvVP2 or gI) compared with mCitrine in cassette 1 in different transgenic populations

From: Viral proteins expressed in the protozoan parasite Eimeria tenella are detected by the chicken immune system

Population mCitrine/vvVP2 c Population mCitrine/gI c
Et-Act-vvVP2-P1 34.7a Et-Act-gI-P1 139.0a
Et-Act-vvVP2-P2 4.2a Et-Act-gI -P2 36.3a
Et-Act-vvVP2-P3 4.2a Et-Act-gI -P3 82.6a
Et-Act-vvVP2-P4 6.4a Et-Act-gI -P4 62.8a
Et-Act-vvVP2-P5 1.7a Et-Act-gI -P5 182.8a
Et-Act-vvVP2-P6 0.4a   
Et-TIF-vvVP2-P1 67.2b Et-TIF-gI-P1 76.9b
Et-TIF-vvVP2-P2 94.9b Et-TIF-gI-P2 17.4b
  1. aEquivalent to 5’Et-Mic1 / 5’Et-Actin ratio
  2. bEquivalent to 5’Et-Mic1 / 5’Et-TIF ratio
  3. cRatio indicates the times mCitrine is higher than the other transcript