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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers of the sequences generated in the present study

From: Characterization of rickettsiae in ticks in northeastern China

Species gltA ompA
R. raoultii in D. nuttalli KT899090 KT899076
R. raoultii in H. longicornis, KT899091 KT899077
Candidatus R. tarasevichiae” in H. concinna KT899084 KT899078
Candidatus R. tarasevichiae” in I. persulcatus KT899085 KT899079
Candidatus R. jingxinensis” in H. longicornis KT899088 KT899080
R. heilongjiangensis in H. concinna KT899086 KT899082
R. heilongjiangensis in H. longicornis KT899087 KT899083