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Table 3 Closest phylogenetic identification of the 16S rDNA sequences of bacteria isolated from the digestive tracts of immature Lutzomyia evansi from the Ovejas locality, according to their similarity with with sequences registered in the GenBank and RDP II databases

From: Structural differences in gut bacteria communities in developmental stages of natural populations of Lutzomyia evansi from Colombia's Caribbean coast

Group/Locality Isolate code
(GenBank acc. No.)
Related taxa
(GenBank acc. No.)
BlastN (%)a Phylum Found in sand flies, other insect vectors
Larvae L4 Isolate 154
P. gyllenbergii
99 Proteobacteria   
L4 Isolate 157
E. hormaechei
97 Proteobacteria   Human pathogen [20, 52, 57, 65]
L4 Isolate 173
P. aeruginosa
99 Proteobacteria Lu. longipalpis [1719]; Ph. papatasi [26]; An. darlingi [9]; An. dureni [9]; An. funestus [9]; An. gambiae [9]; An. stephensi [9]; Cx. quinquefasciatus [9, 66] Human pathogen [16, 71]
L4 Isolate 249
P. aeruginosa
99 Proteobacteria   
L4 Isolate 188
L. soli
100 Proteobacteria   Soil, water, plants, entomopathogens, genetic potential [21]
L4 Isolate 151
O. anthropi
99 Proteobacteria   
L4 Isolate 102
O. anthropi
99 Proteobacteria Lu. longipalpis [1719] Soil, human pathogen, plants, nematodes, insects and animals, genetic potential [21, 76]
L4 Isolate 158
O. anthropi
99 Proteobacteria   
L4 Isolate 166
O. anthropi
99 Proteobacteria   
L4 Isolate 199
S. zoogloeoides
99 Proteobacteria   Biotechnological and genetic potential, soil [21]
L4 Isolate 137
P. illinoisensis
98 Firmicutes   Soil, plants, insect larvae, genetic, biotechnological potential, entomopathogenic [21]
L4 Isolate 213
B. anthracis
98 Firmicutes   
L4 Isolate 232
B. anthracis
98 Firmicutes   Entomopathogenic, A. mellifera, human, animal pathogen [21]
Pupae PP Isolate 130
L. soli
98 Proteobacteria   
PP Isolate 163
M. foliorum
98 Actinobacteria   Musca domestica, soil, leaves
PP Isolate 159
M. pseudoresistens
99 Actinobacteria   Soil, plants [13]
PP Isolate 145
S. cinnabarinus
97 Actinobacteria   Soil, entomopathogenic, probiotic [13]
PP Isolate 195
B. megaterium
97 Firmicutes Ph. argentipes [53]; Ph. papatasi [26]; An. arabiensis [9]; An. funestus [9]; An. gambiae [9]; An. stephensi [9]  
PP Isolate 180
R. stabekisii
99 Firmicutes   Soil, plants [13]
PP Isolate 184
B. anthracis
100 Firmicutes   
  1. Abbreviations: L4 fourth-instar larvae, PP pupae
  2. aPercent similarity