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Fig. 1

From: The complete mitochondrial genome of the tapeworm Cladotaenia vulturi (Cestoda: Paruterinidae): gene arrangement and phylogenetic relationships with other cestodes

Fig. 1

The mitochondrial genome of Cladotaenia vulturi. Genome organization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Cladotaenia vulturi is a circular DNA molecule containing 36 genes. All genes are coded by the same DNA strand and are transcribed in the same direction. Protein-coding and rRNA genes are shown with the standard nomenclature. tRNA genes are designated with the one letter code of their corresponding amino acids, where L1 and L2 represent individual leucine codons CUN and UUR; and S1 and S2 represent serine codons AGN and UCN, respectively. “NC” refers to the non-coding region

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