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Table 2 Species richness, diversity and dominance of Aedes spp. in the rural, suburban and urban areas and ecozones in southeastern Côte d’Ivoire

From: Oviposition ecology and species composition of Aedes spp. and Aedes aegypti dynamics in variously urbanized settings in arbovirus foci in southeastern Côte d’Ivoire

Area/ Ecozone Richness Shannon’s diversity index Simpson’s dominance index
 Rural 8a 1.39a 0.55b
 Suburban 3b 0.57a,b 0.79a,b
 Urban 1b 0b 1a
 Sylvatic1 5a,b 1.90a 0.28c
 Peridomestic1 7a,b 1.23a,b 0.58b,c
 Domestic1 5b,c 0.75a,b,c 0.77a,b,c
 Peridomestic2 3b,c 0.67a,b,c 0.74a,b,c
 Domestic2 3b,c 0.35a,b,c 0.89a,b,c
 Peridomestic3 1c 0c 1a
 Domestic3 1c 0c 1a
  1. Letters indicate the results of one-way ANOVA test followed by Bonferroni correction (richness) and Kruskal-Wallis test (Shannon diversity index, Simpson dominance index). Groups that do not share the same letter are significantly different (P < 0.05)
  2. 1Ecozone in the rural area
  3. 2Ecozone in the suburban area
  4. 3Ecozone in the urban area