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Table 1 Main arthropod protein candidates for TBVs to control arboviruses

From: Arbovirosis and potential transmission blocking vaccines

Candidate molecule Arthropod host Function Effect on disease Available as vaccine
mosGCTL-1 Aedes aegypti Involved in WNV attachment by interacting with PTP-1 [65] Reduces WNV infection in mosquitoes No
mosGCTL-3 Aedes aegypti Modulates virus entrance by interacting with the DENV Envelope protein [67] Reduce DENV infection in mosquitoes No
CRVP-379 Aedes aegypti Interacts with the putative DENV receptor prohibitin [63, 102] Blocks DENV infection in midgut No
CPB-1 Aedes aegypti Midgut antigen. Interacts with the DENV Envelope protein [100, 101] Reduces DENV infection in mosquito No
64-TRP Rhipicepalus appendiculatus Salivary antigen. Secures ticks mouth parts during blood feeding [136, 137] Reduces vector-host contact. Induces death of blood feed ticks No
Bm-86 Rhipicephalus microplus Midgut antigen [131, 134] Reduces blood uptake and vector-host contact Yes
PpChit-1 Phlebotomus papatasi Aids maturation of peritrophic matrix [159] Reduced sand fly life span and fecundity No