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Table 1 Forward search analysis (BLASTp)

From: Identification of internalin-A-like virulent proteins in Leishmania donovani

Subjecta ID (Gene symbol) Alternate protein IDs (Subject)a (Ensembl, RefSeq GI, UniProt) E-valueb Queryc (aligned region) Queryc coverage (%) Subjecta (aligned region) Subjecta coverage (%) Sequence identity (%)
LdBPK_030010.1 emb|CBZ31242; gi|398009536; E9B7L9 3.94e-19 10–342 96.8 439–831 38.95 25.25
LdBPK_311630.1 emb|CBZ36565.1; gi|398020181; E9BMT7 6.35e-14 16–339 94.19 301–684 47.35 24.68
  1. Predicted distant Inl-A orthologs in L. donovani proteome identified based on BLASTp [15] search
  2. aSubject: corresponds to L. donovani proteins which are probably Inl-A-like
  3. bE-value (expect-value): the average expected number of non-homologous proteins with a score higher than the one obtained for the database match; E-values closer to 0 are statistically significant
  4. cQuery: corresponds to Inl-A LRR region