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Table 2 Forward search analysis (hmmscan)

From: Identification of internalin-A-like virulent proteins in Leishmania donovani

Querya ID (Gene symbol) Alternate protein IDs [Query]a (UniProt, Ensembl, RefSeq GI) Subjectb coverage (%) Querya length Domain scorec c-Evalued i-Evaluee Querya (Aligned region) Sequence identity (%) Conservationf (%)
LdBPK_365070.1 E9BUL5, emb|CBZ38944|, gi|398024920 81.49 1208 117 3.30e-37 6.10e-34 394–776 28.18 75.26
LdBPK_191670.1 E9BEF7, emb|CBZ33633, gi|398014298 55.74 560 141.6 1.10e-44 2.00e-41 265–526 26.98 77.78
LdBPK_030010.1 E9B7L9, emb|CBZ31242|, gi|398009536 56.6 1009 117.4 3.10e-37 4.50e-34 202–467 23.05 75.78
LdBPK_030010.1 E9B7L9 emb|CBZ31242|, gi|398009536 60.64 1009 145 1.30e-45 1.90e-42 563–847 28.52 78.15
LdBPK_051200.1 E9B8L0, emb|CBZ31583, gi|398010218 59.57 396 146 5.70e-46 9.40e-43 77–356 29.06 76.23
LdBPK_311630.1 E9BMT7, emb|CBZ36565, gi|398020181 72.13 811 213.8 1.60e-66 2.70e-63 394–732 30.65 84.21
  1. Predicted distant Inl-A orthologs in L. donovani proteome identified based on hmmscan [14, 26] against a modified Pfam database [27, 28] (including an Inl-A profile)
  2. aQuery: corresponds to L. donovani proteins
  3. bSubject: corresponds to Internalin-A internalin domain profile
  4. cDomain Score: the calculated domain score for the best aligned profile (Inl-A)-sequence (L. donovani) matched states of the Inl-A-like internalin domain predicted in L. donovani proteins
  5. dc-Evalue (conditional E-value): measures the statistical significance of each domain, given that the target sequence is a true homolog. It is the expected number of additional domains one would find with a domain score this high in the set of sequences reported in the top hits list, if those sequences consisted only of random non-homologous sequence outside the region that sufficed to define them as homologs
  6. ei-Evalue (independent E-value): the significance of the sequence in the whole database search, if this were the only domain one had identified
  7. fConservation: estimation of identical or similar matching states over the alignment length