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Table 2 Relationship of R. raoultii strain Jongejan with available NCBI sequences

From: Novel Rickettsia raoultii strain isolated and propagated from Austrian Dermacentor reticulatus ticks

Target Accession no. Size (bp) Identity (%)a Closest related R. raoultii sequence
16S ribosomal RNA KX500096 252 99 KJ410261.1
23S-5S ribosomal RNA intergenic spacer KX500097 157 100b CP010969.1
sca4 KX500095 802 100c DQ365807.1
ompA KX500093 513 100 AH009131.2
ompB KX500094 710 100 KU310593.1
gltA KX500092 259 100 KU310589.1
  1. aIdentity according to NCBI BLAST ( analysis
  2. bContains a 60 base-pair deletion when compared with the reference genome (CP010969.1)
  3. cSingle nucleotide insertion results into a pseudogene