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Table 1 Stimulants tested in glial cell cultures

From: Nitric oxide and cytokine production by glial cells exposed in vitro to neuropathogenic schistosome Trichobilharzia regenti

Stimulant Concentration (per 1 ml/well)
Living schistosomulum-like stages of T. regenti (LS) 15 individuals
Soluble fraction of LS homogenate (HSF) 50 μg
Recombinant T. regenti cathepsin B1.1 (rTrCB1.1) 1 μg
Recombinant T. regenti cathepsin B2 (rTrCB2) 1 μg
Lipopolysaccharide from Escherichia coli 0127:B8 (LPS, Sigma-Aldrich), a positive control 0.5 μg