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Fig. 1

From: Spatio-temporal analysis of malaria vector density from baseline through intervention in a high transmission setting

Fig. 1

Median predicted average density of (a) An. gambiae (s.l.) and (b) An. funestus (s.l.) using household-level Bayesian spatio-temporal regression model with seasonal effects from September 2011 to December 2015. The bars represent the average observed counts while the solid line represents the median estimate. The dashed grey lines show the predicted 97.5% credible intervals. The median and quantiles are summarised quantities of posterior distribution. c The effect of season on both malaria vectors with bar plots for An. gambiae (s.l.) (97.5% credible interval) while the dashed line shows the median for An. funestus (s.l.) with the 97.5% credible interval shaded. Abbreviations: LLIN, long-lasting insecticidal nets; IRS, indoor residual spraying

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