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Fig. 2

From: Nutrigenomic effects of glucosinolates on liver, muscle and distal kidney in parasite-free and salmon louse infected Atlantic salmon

Fig. 2

a Scoring of liver steatosis by light microscopy in Trial 1, 2 and 3. Liver sections from Trial 1 (NI-C and NI-13), Trial 2 (I-C, I-3.6 and I-13) and Trial 3 (NI- C, I-C and I-2) were scored from 0 to 5 [88], based on the degree of vacuolization in the cytoplasm and the degree of distribution of the vacuolated hepatocytes (Additional file 1: Table S2). 4–6 fish in each group were analyzed. Solid black line shows the mean score ± SEM in each group, and black dots show the individual fish scores. b-d Exemplary images of livers showing different level of steatosis. b Micrograph of a fish from group I-3.6 fish (Trial 2) with a score of 0. c Micrograph of a fish from group NI-C fish from Trial 3 with a score of 1. d Micrograph of a fish from group I-C fish from Trial 2 with a score of 3. Scale-bars: 100 μm

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