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Fig. 4

From: Nutrigenomic effects of glucosinolates on liver, muscle and distal kidney in parasite-free and salmon louse infected Atlantic salmon

Fig. 4

Hepatic gene expression of ary1, cyp24a1 and pdk2 with roles in metabolic adaptation to nutrient availability, complement regulator cfh, complement components c3 and c5, and complement regulator c1qbp measured by qPCR and shown as mean -ΔΔCt ± SEM. The first bar for each gene shows the logER value measured by microarray in not infected (NI) fish (n = 5) fed 13% of the GLs-containing raw ingredient (NI-13). Gene expression in infected (I) fish fed increasing levels of GLs-containing raw ingredient, 0% (I-C), 3.6% (I-3.6) and 13% (I-13), were measured by qPCR. The zero is set to NI fish fed 0% dietary GLs (NI-C). Number of fish in each group is 9. The letter “a” denotes significant expression difference to NI-C, “aaa” when P < 0.001, “aa” when P < 0.01 and “a” when P < 0.05

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