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Fig. 5

From: Nutrigenomic effects of glucosinolates on liver, muscle and distal kidney in parasite-free and salmon louse infected Atlantic salmon

Fig. 5

Renal gene expression of hpd from the tyrosine breakdown pathway, anti-fibrotic ifnγ, slc13a3 involved in the maintenance of citrate levels, pro-fibrotic leptin, the DNA damage response gene ints7, and abhd6 with functions in the regulation of lipogenesis in kidney, measured by qPCR and shown as mean -ΔΔCt ± SEM. The first bar for each gene shows the logER value measured by microarray in not infected (NI) fish (n = 5) fed feed with 13% inclusion level of GLs-containing raw ingredient (NI-13). Gene expression in infected (I) fish fed increasing levels of GLs-containing raw ingredient, 0% (I-C), 3.6% (I-3.6) and 13% (I-13), were measured by qPCR. The zero is set to NI fish fed 0% dietary GLs (NI-C). Number of fish samples in each group is 9. The letter “a” denotes significant expression difference to NI-C, and “b” denotes significant expression difference to I-C, “aaa” when P < 0.001, “aa/bb” when P < 0.01 and “a/b” when P < 0.05

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