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Table 2 Biochemical profiles of the 68 native Bt isolates from Saudi Arabia using the API 50CH system. The percentage of isolates actively metabolizing different substrates is indicated

From: Isolation and characterization of native Bacillus thuringiensis strains from Saudi Arabia with enhanced larvicidal toxicity against the mosquito vector Anopheles gambiae (s.l.)

100% positive > 90% positive 10–90% positive < 10% positive 100% negative
L-Tryptophane L-Arginine (99) Citrate (25) Rhamnose (4) L-Lysine
Gelatin Glucose (95) Sodium pyruvate (69) ONPG (1) L-Ornithine
Esculin   Mannitol (45)   Sodium thiosulfate
   Inositol (44)   Urea
   Sucrose (65)   Indole
   Sorbitol (39)   Salicin
   Starch (75)   Melibiose
   Nitrate (62)   Arabinose