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Table 1 MALDI-TOF MS/MS identification results of the proteins from CotC-CsCP and rCsCP

From: The immunological characteristics and probiotic function of recombinant Bacillus subtilis spore expressing Clonorchis sinensis cysteine protease

Sample Protein name MW (Da) Protein PI Protein score P-value Peptides matched Swiss Prot Accession number
CotC-CsCP C. sinensis cysteine protease precursor 35,838 5.11 163 1e-16 11 2o6x.1.A gi|351693702
rCsCP C. sinensis cysteine protease precursor 35,383 5.11 159 2.5e-16 11 2o6x.1.A gi|351693702