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Table 4 Variations in tpi, gdh and bg nucleotide sequences among the subtypes of Giardia intestinalis assemblage B

From: The presence of Giardia intestinalis in donkeys, Equus asinus, in China

Locus Subtype (n) Nucleotide at position GenBank ID
tpi   10 11 16 182 197 384 525  
  Ref. sequence C G G A G G AY368169
BIV-1a (n = 17) C G A G A G KU892520
BIV-novel-2 (n = 2) T C G A G A G KU892519
BIV-novel-3 (n = 6) T C A G A G KU892521
BIV-novel-4 (n = 3) T G A G A T KU892522
gdh   219        
  Reference sequence G        KR048463
BIV-novel-1 (n = 16) C        KU892523
bg   14 179 248 446 447    
  Reference sequence G C C A G    KM926514
BIV-1b (n = 12) G C C G A    KU892517
BIV-2b (n = 4) G T C G A    KU892518
Bb-7c (n = 6) A C T G A    KU892516
  1. aIdentified by Qi et al. [17]
  2. bIdentified by Coronato Nunes et al. [37]
  3. cIdentified by Karim et al. [2]