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Table 2 Isolated parasite lineages of this study

From: Avian malaria on Madagascar: bird hosts and putative vector mosquitoes of different Plasmodium lineages

Parasite lineage Homology (%) [GenBank ID] Mosquito vector Bird host species
Haemoproteus spp.
Ual1   Uranotaenia alboabdominalis  
Cp1 99 [AY099042.1] Culex pipiens  
Cp2 99 [AY099042.1] Culex pipiens (n = 3); Culex annulioris  
Uan1 98 [AY099040.1] Uranotaenia n. sp. Nesillas typica (n = 1)
Haplotype 1252 100 [KJ488706.1] Uranotaenia n. sp. (n = 2)  
Plasmodium spp.
Ual1 95 [EU834703.1] Uranotaenia alboabdominalis (T)  
Uan1 97 [JN819332.1] Uranotaenia n. sp. (T)  
Cp1 99 [AB308050.1] Culex pipiens (T)  
WA46 100 [EU810628.1] Uranotaenia sp. (T + A); Ur. alboabdominalis (T); Ur. neireti (T) Hypsipetes madagascariensis (n = 5)
Mosquito 132 100 [AB308050.1] Culex pipiens (T); Uranotaenia n. sp. (T + A) 51 birds of 15 species
PV12 100 [GQ150194.1] Anopheles mascarensis (T) 37 birds of 11 species
P31 100 [DQ839060.1] Uranotaenia n. sp. (T) 39 birds of the family Ploceidae
  1. Abbreviations: T thoracic part, A abdominal part