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Fig. 4

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: The complete mitochondrial genomes of two freshwater snails provide new protein-coding gene rearrangement models and phylogenetic implications

Fig. 4

Analysis of possible secondary structure of mitochondrial tRNA genes and non-coding regions from Radix swinhoei and Planorbarius corneus. a, b Putative secondary structures of three representative tRNA genes identified in the mitochondrial genomes of R. swinhoei (a) and P. corneus (b); c, d Stem-loop secondary structures of two non-coding regions in the mt genomes of R. swinhoei (49 bp and 45 bp) (c) and P. corneus (112 bp and 71 bp) (d). Bars indicate Watson-Crick base pairings; dots indicate canonical base pairing between G and U nucleotides in RNA

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