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Fig. 5

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: The complete mitochondrial genomes of two freshwater snails provide new protein-coding gene rearrangement models and phylogenetic implications

Fig. 5

Putative gene rearrangement events in gastropod mitochondrial genomes. Reishia clavigera was used as the standard ancestral gene pattern. Rearranged genes are indicated by different colors. Only the rearrangements for protein-coding and rRNA genes are taken into consideration. Four types of putative rearrangement events are possible in this context: reversal, reverse transposition, transposition and tandem duplication and random loss (TDRL). In the step-by-step scheme, the intermediate statuses are used to show different types of gene rearrangement events and the rearrangement process. a Putative gene rearrangement events from R. clavigera to Radix swinhoei mt genome. b Putative gene rearrangement events from R. clavigera to Planorbarius corneus mt genome

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