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Table 2 Size variation of the complete egg (sqrA and Perimeter) and of the operculum (Centroid size)

From: The modern morphometric approach to identify eggs of Triatominae

Species sqrA Perimeter Centroid size
Mean Variance Mean Variance Mean Variance
R. ecuadoriensis L 1.07 0.0019 4.51c 0.038 0.67 0.0012
  M 1.09 0.002 4.65b 0.037 0.74 0.0012
T. carrioni 1.22 0.0029 4.64b 0.042 0.68 0.0013
P. chinai 1.32 0.0025 4.91a 0.031 0.72 0.0018
P. howardi 1.28 0.0025 4.71b 0.035 0.78 0.002
  1. Abbreviations: R Rhodnius, L Loja Province, M Manabí Province, T Triatoma, P Panstrongylus, sqrA, mean square root of the area within the egg boundary
  2. Note: All pairwise comparisons of mean sqrA were significant (permutation test, 1000 cycles, P ranging from P = 0.015 to P < 0.0001). The perimeter showed significant differences between three groups: (a) P. chinai, (b) P. howardi, T. carrioni and R. ecuadoriensis Manabí and (c) R. ecuadoriensis Loja (permutation test, 1000 cycles, P < 0.0001). The only significant difference of variance was observed for sqrA between T. carrioni and the Loja sample of R. ecuadoriensis (permutation test, 1000 cycles, P = 0.002). The mean size of the operculum was significantly different between all comparisons (permutation test, 1000 cycles, P < 0.0001). The variance of the operculum size was not significantly different between groups