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Fig. 2

From: Microgeographical structure in the major Neotropical malaria vector Anopheles darlingi using microsatellites and SNP markers

Fig. 2

STRUCTURE and Principal Components Analysis (PCA) of individual An. darlingi genotypes from the three localities. a PCA using microsatellites dataset. b PCA using SNPs dataset. a, b Colors reflect population assignment: Granada, red; Remansinho, green and Cruzeiro do Sul, blue. In parentheses along x and y-axes: percent variance explained by PC1 and PC2. c STRUCTURE results from analysis of microsatellites loci variation (K = 2). d STRUCTURE results from SNP variation (K = 3). c, d Each column represents an individual and colors reflect genetic clusters assignment (cluster 1, light yellow; cluster 2, light green; cluster 3, orange)

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