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Table 3 Participant demographics from the study of TT/CO and matched controls from The Gambia in 2011. Age (generalised linear model) and gender (Fisher’s exact test) were compared between healthy controls and scarred cases, associated P-values are indicated

From: Profiling and validation of individual and patterns of Chlamydia trachomatis-specific antibody responses in trachomatous trichiasis

  Healthy controls Scarred cases P-value
Number 38 52 na
Age in years (95% CI) 19.50 (1.00–39.00) 20.50 (3.55–37.73) 0.224
Female, n (%) 30 (78.95) 45 (86.54) 0.343
  1. Abbreviation: na not applicable, CI confidence intervals, n number