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Table 5 Agreement of differentially recognised antigens identified previously by Lu et al. [31] and in this study. The agreement, or disagreement, between the two analyses on antigens recognised more frequently or strongly by individuals with (scarred) or without (healthy) trachomatous scarring and trichiasis is indicated by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on the final column. Kappa = 0.25

From: Profiling and validation of individual and patterns of Chlamydia trachomatis-specific antibody responses in trachomatous trichiasis

Antigen Lu et al. [31] This study Agreement
CT019 Healthy None No
CT117 Healthy None No
CT301 Healthy None No
CT314 None Scarred No
CT414 Scarred None No
CT425 None Scarred No
CT442 Healthy Healthy Yes
CT471 None Scarred No
CT553 Healthy None No
CT556 Healthy None No
CT571 Healthy None No
CT645 None Scarred No
CT667 Scarred Scarred Yes
CT679 None Scarred No
CT695 Healthy None No
CT698 None Scarred No
CT706 Scarred Scarred Yes
CT709 Healthy None No