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Table 1 Taenia saginata haplotypes and their frequencies in Lao PDR, Thailand and other countries

From: Genetic diversity of Taenia saginata (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea) from Lao People’s Democratic Republic and northeastern Thailand based on mitochondrial DNA

Haplotype Haplotype frequency Sample (Country) code/GenBank accession number
H1 1 T2 (THA)/KY290351
H2 1 T3 (THA)/KY290352
H3 8 T4, T6, T7, T8, T13, T16, T17, T19 (THA)/KY290353
H4 1 T5 (THA)/KY290354
H5 1 T9 (THA)/KY290355
H6 4 T10, T20, T21, T22 (THA)/KY290356
H7 3 T11, T14, T24 (THA)/KY290357
H8 2 T12, T23 (THA)/KY290358
H9 1 L1.1(LAO)a/KY290359
H10 1 L1.2 (LAO)a/KY290360
H11 13 L1.3a, L2.1b, L2.3b, L4, L8, L10, L17, L18, L19, L31, L65.1, L67, L71 (LAO)/KY290361
H12 1 L2.2b (LAO)/KY290362
H13 1 L2.4b (LAO)/KY290363
H14 1 L3 (LAO)/KY290364
H15 1 L5 (LAO)/KY290365
H16 3 L6, L12, L73 (LAO)/KY290366
H17 1 L7 (LAO)/KY290367
H18 2 L9, L11 (LAO)/KY290368
H19 1 L13 (LAO)/KY290369
H20 1 L14 (LAO)/KY290370
H21 1 L15 (LAO)/KY290371
H22 1 L16 (LAO)/KY290372
H23 1 L65.2 (LAO)/KY290373
H24 7 AB107240 (IDN), AB465245 (ETH), AB465246 (KOR), AB465247 (THA), AB465248 (THA), AB644391 (JPN), AB820291 (DJI)
H25 1 AB984348 (CHN)
H26 1 AB821273 (ETH)
H27 1 AB465243 (ECU)
H28 1 AY684274 (Africa, not specified)
H29 10 AB107244 (THA), AB275143 (KHM), AB107242 (BEL), AB107247 (CHN), AB465231 (THA), AB465233 (THA), AB465234 (THA), AB465241 (KHM), AB533168 (CHN), AB465232 (THA)
H30 1 AB107239 (CHN)
H31 1 AB984351 (CHN)
H32 1 AB645845 (THA)
H33 1 AB465242 (THA)
H34 1 AB465240 (IDN)
H35 1 AB271695 (MNG)
H36 1 AB107238 (ECU)
H37 2 AB107237 (BRA), AB465238 (BRA)
H38 1 AB533169 (CHN)
H39 1 AB533172 (CHN)
H40 1 AB107243 (NPL)
H41 1 AB107241 (ETH)
H42 1 AY195858 (Africa, not specified)
H43 1 AB533171 (CHN)
H44 1 AB465237 (ETH)
H45 1 AB066495 (CHN)
H46 1 AB984350 (CHN)
H47 1 AB984347 (CHN)
H48 1 AB465239 (THA)
H49 1 AB984346 (CHN)
H50 2 AB465235 (THA), AB465236 (THA)
H51 1 AB533173 (THA)
H52 1 AB107246 (BRA)
H53 1 AB107245 (THA)
  1. a, bThree (L1.1-L1.3) and four (L2.1-L2.4) tapeworms were expelled from two patients in Lao PDR. Such a situation is not common, but it is possible to find taeniosis patients with two and more adult tapeworms in endemic areas in Lao PDR and Thailand [34]
  2. Note: For GenBank sequences (H24-H53), the numbers in the “Haplotype frequency” column indicate the numbers analyzed, not haplotype frequency
  3. Abbreviations: BEL Belgium, BRA Brazil, CHN China, DJI Djibouti, ECU Ecuador, ETH Ethiopia, IDN Indonesia, JPN Japan, KHM Cambodia, KOR Korea, LAO Lao PDR, MNG Mongolia, NPL Nepal, THA Thailand