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Table 3 Sequences obtained in this study and their nearest BLAST hits

From: Eurasian golden jackal as host of canine vector-borne protists

  Origin Gene Fragment length (bp) BLAST identity (%), accession no. Host, origin of GenBank sequence
Hepatozoon spp. RO 18S ~1765 99% H. canis AY150067 red fox, Spain
   18S ~1765 99% H. canis AY461378 dog, Spain
  CR 18S ~1765 99% H. canis AY 461376 pampas fox, Brazil
  AUS 18S ~1765 100% H. canis AY150067 red fox, Spain
Piroplasms RO 18S ~560 99–100% B. canis KT008057 dog, Estonia
   18S ~560 99–100% “B. annae” KT580785 red fox, Great Britain
   18S ~1670 99% B. canis AY072926 dog, Croatia
   cox1 ~975 99–100% B. canis KC207822 no data
   cox1 ~985 97% B. cf. microti KC207827 no data
Leishmania spp. RO ITS1 ~300 100% L. infantum AJ000288 no data
  1. Abbreviations: RO Romania; CR Czech Republic; AUS Austria